Svømmehistoriske tekster - Engelske tekster

Forfatter Titel Omfang År Form Oplysninger
Digby & Middleton, Christofer A short introduction for to learne to swimme
94 s
66,3 Mb
1595 Kopi London
Thomas, Ralph Swimming - With lists of books published in English, German French and other European languages and critical remarks on the theory and practice of swimming and resuscitation
488 s
184 Mb
1904 Kopi Sampson Low, Marston & Company, London
Weissmuller, Johnny & Bush, Clarence A. Swimming the American crawl
190 s
50,7 Mb
Putnam, London
Sagita, Shigeo m.fl. Swimming in Japan
265 s
52,9 Mb
International Young Women and Children's Society, Tokyo
Oppenheim, Francois The history of swimming
150 s
49,3 Mb
1970 Kopi Swimming World, North Hollywood, California